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These are our first 200 Letterbox Finds

Sunday, May 18, 2003


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Essex, CT 6/15/02
3 Score, Essex, CT 6/15/02
Pinecone, Berlin, CT 6/24/02
Lord of the Ring Series, Carlisle, PA 8/10/02
There & Back Again Hitchhiker, Carlisle, PA 8/10/02
The Beagle, Carlisle, PA 8/10/02
Appalachian Group #1, Limestone, TN 8/17/02
Appalachian Group #3, Johnson City, TN 8/17/02
Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT 8/24/02
Townshend Dam Culvert, Townshend, VT 8/31/02
Dead Bug, Meriden, CT 10/14/02
Chesterfield Gorge, Chesterfield, NH 10/19/02
West Arlington, West Arlington, VT 10/20/02
Hip Hop, North Bennington, VT 10/20/02
Norman Rockwell, Stockbridge, MA 10/20/02
Timothy Grass, Plainville, CT 10/27/02
Soccer Challenge Series, Bristol, CT 10/27/02
Crickets on Old Route 30, Townshend, VT 11/02/02
Hawk Watch, Putney, VT 11/2/02
Brownsville Lighthouse, Brownsville, VT 11/15/02
Christmas Mystery Letterbox, 12/15/02
You Otter See This, North Windham, CT 12/15/02
Paddle to the Sea, North Windham, CT 12/15/02
Christmas Around the World, Chaplin, CT 12/15/02
Bohemian Traveler Hitchhiker, Chaplin, CT 12/15/02
Moose Hill Winter Gathering Event Stamp, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Owl Winter Gathering Event Stamp, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Pharmacy Mystery Letterbox, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Henny Penny, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Ugly Duckling Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Deep Freeze Special Winter Gathering, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Cleta Secret Mystery Letterbox, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Testament of Time, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Billings Barn, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Fertile Frond, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Traveling Trouvere Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Ying and Yang Hitchhikers, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Woody Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Rolling Stone Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Runaway Kitty Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Pink Ribbon Hitchhiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
Jedi Hiker, Sharon, MA 1/18/03
The Bluebird, West Granby, CT 2/8/03
Four From One, West Granby, CT 2/8/03
Adam's Rib, Wethersfied, CT 2/9/03
Good Investment, Wethersfield, CT 2/9/03
George Washington, Old Wethersfield, CT 2/9/03
Buttolph-Williams House, Old Wethersfield, CT 2/9/03
Red Onion, Old Wethersfield, CT 2/9/03
The Roaring K.I.M. Hike, Cheshire, CT 4/15/03
The Wizard of the Waves, South Wellfleet, MA 5/3/03
Cook's Tour, South Wellfleet, MA 5/3/03
Nauset Light, Eastham, MA 5/3/03
The Fort Hill Letterbox, Eastham, MA 5/3/03
Oyster Pearl, Osterville, MA 5/3/03
Joshua's Pond, Osterville, MA 5/3/03
Andrew's 10th Birthday Party, Mashpee, MA 5/3/03
Thorton Burgess Series, Hampden, MA 5/10/03
Gerbil Gathering Event Stamp, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Happy Fish Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Easter Bunny Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Paper Clip Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Fingers Crossed Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Sweet Daffodil Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Homesick Moose Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Stalin Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Pol Pot Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Saddam Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Hitler Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Osama Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
legerdemaine's Mao Sub-HH, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
President's Series 1 & 2, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Burr Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Mothers' Day Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Ask Martha Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Little Tiny Lighthouse Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
En Garde Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Lucky Penny Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Lost Baby Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Travel Lightly Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Up, Up & Away Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Mascot Mystery Letterbox, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Red Sky at Night, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Aaron's Birthday Box, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Mystery Gathering Letterbox, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Randy [Mapsurfer's] Traveler, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Rugby Hitchhiker, Middlebury, CT 5/17/03
Vermont State Stamp, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Pink Trotter's Traveler, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Music Makes the World Go Round, Manchester, CT 5/18/03
Sammy the Cat Box, Manchester, CT 5/18/03
LBNW Hitchhiker, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Leader of the Pack's House Box, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Got Milk, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Bed Rug, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Inherit the Earth, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Plane Spotter, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Happy Birthday, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Falling Leaves, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Totem Pole, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
legerdemaine's Pandora's Box Hitchhiker, Manchester, CT 5/18/03
Grumpy, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Village Letterbox, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Opening Day, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Stone, Stump & Soil, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Mansfield General Store, Mansfield Center, CT 5/18/03
Honey Hill Letterboxes, Swanzey, NH 6/02/03
Franklin Pearce Letterbox, Hillsborough, NH 6/02/03
Fuller Public Library, Hillsborough, NH 6/02/03
Fox Forest, Hillsborough, NH 6/02/03
Deering Overlook, Deering, NH 6/02/03
Deering Public Library, Deering, NH 6/02/03
Lovely Weed, Hillsborough, NH 6/02/03
Man in Stone, Dorset, VT 6/04/03
Tobacco Heritage, Windsor, CT 06/14/03
Perfect Sunday Afternoon, Windsor, CT 06/14/03
Insects at Northwest Park, Windsor, CT 06/14/03
Slow Poke, Windsor, CT 06/14/03
VT Tree, Guilford, VT 06/20/03
Valley Quest Grafton Ponds, Grafton, VT 06/21/03
Valley Quest Grafton Cave, Grafton, VT 06/21/03
Stamp Studio, Manchester, CT 06/30/03
Vernon Rails-to-Trails, Manchester, CT 06/30/03
When You Wish Upon A Star HH, 07/5/03
Tami HH, 07/05/03
legerdemaine's Toad Mystery Letterbox, 07/5/03
VT Loon, White River Junction, VT 07/5/03
11 Valley Quests, Norwich, White River Junction, Woodstock, VT 07/05/03
Chippy Virtual Letterbox, Cyberspace 07/06/03
Blue Devil Mystery Letterbox, 07/08/03
Stanley Quarter Carousel, New Britain, CT 07/08/03
Old Burying Ground, Cromwell, CT 07/09/03
Jack & the Beanstalk, Cromwell, CT 07/09/03
BJMP Virtual Letterbox, Cyberspace 07/12/03
Arreil Virtual Letterbox, Cyberspace 07/12/03
Holy Land USA, Waterbury, CT 07/12/03
Cemetery Mystery Box #1, CT 07/12/03
R.I.P. Gerbil Mystery Box, CT 07/12/03
Naugatuck State Forest #19, Naugatuck, CT 07/12/03
In Flanders Fields Hitchhiker, West Dover, VT 07/19/03
The Patriot, Norwich, CT 07/26/03
Dragon Fire, Norwich, CT 07/26/03
Code 1, Norwich, CT 07/26/03
Indian & the Fountain Series, Norwich, CT 07/26/03
Big Maple Sugar, Norwich, CT 07/26/03
Take It Easy, Kingston, RI 07/26/03
Frosty Drew, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
Trustom Pond Quest, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
My Favorite Ornament - Mushroom, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
My Favorite Ornament - Broken Heart, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
My Favorite Ornament - Cuckoo Clock, Charlestown, RI 07/26/03
My Favorite Ornament - Pickle [Our 200th Box!], Charlestown, RI 07/26/03

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